Caroline Berger, former dancer, choreographer, director and financial director, has been a coach and trainer for 10 years in highly targeted areas:
- Succeed your professional activity and personal development
- Physiology and anatomy
- Biopilate Ballets
- Stott Pilates
- Gyrotonic and gyrokinesis

The studio is open from Septembre 1st to August 31st

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Stott pilates

formation stott

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Les ballets Biopilates ®

Ballet Biopilates

It is important for a dancer to have muscle strength. What good is flexibility if you do not have the strength to use it properly to its full extent? Raising the leg and holding it for a long period of time, as the dancers must do, requires a lot of leg strength and control. The biopilate ballet class offers exercises that improve the strength and stability of the core but also proper breathing techniques to maintain the stability of the center while you dance, this is an excellent complement to ballet training!

Physiology and anatomy

physiologie anatomie

We offer three thematic courses around anatomy and physiology:
- Prenatal Development Training
- Functional anatomy and pathology of the lower limb
- Functional anatomy and pathology of the upper limb

Succeed in business

formation activité

The winning model: 5 Steps to attract more customers each month.

Today, the market for service delivery in general, consulting and coaching is booming. The training to succeed its activity offers you a model to offer your services to a clientele happy to pay for a targeted expertise.

Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis

formation gyrotonique

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