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For yoga and pilates devotees, ballet-inspired GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS®

"Gyrotonic is holistic which, in some respects, is updated,". In comparison to pilates, which came about in the 1920s, Gyrotonic is relatively new. Horvath continues to build upon his exercise, so Gyrotonic is constantly evolving. And Gyrotonic works the whole body in 3-D

As one of the first Gyrotonic trainers in Canada, Nickels was hired to work with the Toronto cast of The Lion King in 2002. The choreography and costumes were causing injuries, so she taught them to warm up with the mat version of Gyrotonic, Gyrokinesis. It was a natural fit.

"All Gyrotonic movements are dance-like sequences," says Diana Bastone, another Toronto based instructor. Besides ballet, the routine incorporates aspects of swimming, Tai Chi, gymnastics and kundalini yoga as well. "We have a fascination right now with holistic programs," says Bastone. "This is one of the newest, but it has substance, so it won't pass unlike spinning or kick-boxing, which are strictly cardio and don't have that mind-body connection."

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