Pilates classes - Adults

The STOTT PILATES®, GYROTONIC®, GYROKINESIS® et ITAKIMO® are, without a doubt, an exercise with history. But the compelling draw to Pilates is not because of its legacy - it's due to the continued innovation of equipment and programming that keep clients coming back for more. Adding equipment such as reformers and chairs to your group classes will make a big impact. It’s a fun, social, collective experience that you cannot get anywhere else.


PRENATAL classes : This is a complete course , the STOTT PILATES® work on back muscles to allow the mother to carry the baby, the GYROTONIC® facilitates smooth movement and harmony and Evolis® allows decompression of the lumbar region and relieves the effect of weight throughout pregnancy .When you start this prenatal active, you must register for prenatal private lessons lasting half an hour.

POSTNATAL Classes : is designed for women that have already done their perineal rehabilitation. They can register for the Ateliers des 12 accessoires or ateleirs de 6 machines.

Merrithew Health and Fitness team, draws upon the most current medical information, exercise guidelines and research available on pregnancy and movement. Appropriate STOTT PILATES® Matwork exercise adaptations are explored and programming concepts for teaching small groups and private clients are discussed. Anatomical and physiological changes, risk factors and movement considerations are also discussed with an eye to providing a safe and effective workout throughout all trimesters and provide strategies for building new pre-natal programs as well as enhancing those already in progress.

STOTT PILATES® Stability Chair for the Older Adult

More and more older adults are maintaining an active lifestyle, and exercise is an important aspect of this choice. The STOTT PILATES® Split-Pedal Stability Chair lends itself perfectly to those who are decreasing strength and mobility may not allow them to work out on the floor or supine on other equipment. Learn how the features of the Chair create a routine focusing on core strength and stability, postural awareness and alignment, joint mobility and balance. Specific exercises, developed by the MERRITHEW team, focus on functional activities like stair climbing and getting up from a chair.

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