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“In 10 sessions, you feel better, 20 sessions you look better, 30 sessions you have a completely new body.”
Joseph Hubertus Pilates (1880-1967)

The studio is open from Septembre 1st to August 31st

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The 12 class

This course incorporates all the basic principles of the Stott Pilates method. It's a joker workshop, all in color, fun, serious, accurate and fun. In this class, you will work on the ground with different accessories such as the Fitness Circle, the elastic, the small balloon, the Arc Barrel, the roller ... About twenty different accessories will be offered depending on the course. Maintaining an ideal posture is the quest for grail, it's a long-term job, it never stops, exercise is a necessary condition for its present and future well-being.


Les ateliers des 6/12

This yard has been designed so that anyone of any physical condition can follow it. He mixes the ground course (Workshop of 12) and the equipment part of the Stott method (Cadillac, Wall Unit ...). You will work the body in its entirety with the different springs (hands, feet ... The work is progressive, the reinforcement settles gently, this variety of exercises meet the same scientific criteria of the need of the change of tools to muscle in safely all segments of the body. With the Edge, this course can also be suitable for pregnant women..

The 6 Class

It is a unique workshop because it has this more than one found anywhere else in Paris: The variety of equipment, methods, and exercises in a single course. We know that scientifically it is essential to mobilize the joint and to work the different muscle segments by crossing the methods, this is what we do here. Participants from one class to the next alternate Stott Pilates and Gyrotonic methods, they can during a session, either work with the Chair, the Reformer, the Stott Pilates Cardio Trampoline, or the Gyrotonic Tower.

Ballets Biopilates

This course has been imagined for everyone. To make a bar standing, on the Rotating Disks, on the Stability Bows, no more students can cheat on its outside, its half-point, its balance, or its arabesque. All your dance placements are scanned and corrected one by one to be able to acquire good reflexes when you do your diagonals in your dance class whatsoever. Amateur or professional, you need solid foundations to be able to live your dance moment.


During your pregnancy, you can register at any time for all the workshops of 6/12, because with the Slope, we make changes that allow you to follow this workshop until the last moment. Before you register, consider asking your doctor for a medical certificate.

PRENATAL Ballet Biopilates

Every Friday at 19:30, The course is suitable for pregnant women, you can enrol in this course at any time during your pregnancy and enjoy a bar. Before you register, consider asking your doctor for a medical certificate.

Express Class


This workshop responds to a demand from students and our lifestyles today. This short session is about reforming, it allows you to evacuate all the stress accumulated by your work or your rhythm of life, it is our speed-dating of the week. You push the cart lying down, kneeling, sideways, or standing.

Express Class


Yoga /Zenga

This workshop is the Yoga part of the Stott Pilates Method on the Reformer. Another way to approach the universe and the spirit of Yoga on equipment. It is rare to have the opportunity to go for a discipline with a machine and there we have a very subtle mix and the machine helps you to hold the positions.

Young dancers and professional dancers

You feel that you are facing a wall, you want to progress but you do not know any more, nor what to do? You have tried everything and it is not yet that? Because we always want to go further, because in this business, you always have to be the best, at the bar, in the center, in the diagonals, during auditions, during rehearsals, during spinning, and on show days. At the studio we have everything you need, custom equipment that has been designed and invented for you, and trained teachers to make the most of yourself. Do not wait any longer, make an appointment at the individual workshop or the course dedicated to you.

Barre au sol Biopilates

This course has been imagined for everyone. Make a bar on the ground, with the slopes. This tool allows you to have an excellent placement during your bar on the ground, you do not have to think about stabilizing your pond, the slope does it for you, you just have to focus on your withdrawn, your plantar and dorsal flexions, the work of your arabesque, your outside, your beats, and your flexibility. A unique course that brings lightness to the ground bar.


Sunday workshops

We offer some Sundays of the month modern oriental dance workshops. These 1h50 workshops begin with a pre-warm-up, followed by a warm-up, a work of the basic technique of modern Oriental dance at the helm, and end with diagonals on a haunting, catchy musical rhythm. The finished course you are emptied but happy, you have danced on a spicy rhythm. For the Gyrokinesis workshops, each movement is dealt with in detail, in a safe manner. You leave the class relaxed, soothed and stretched.


Individual Class

This is the little darling of the studio. It is practiced alone with the teacher. This is the Gyrotonic method in all its splendor, in circuit on 5 different machines: the Tower, the Leg Extension Unit, the Archway, the Jumping Streching Board, and the Gyrotoner. This course is the Harley Davidson studio, and we are the only ones who can offer it to you. It is a very precise workshop with its secret boot which is the Evolis machine. From young dancers to seniors to pregnant women and injured or perfectly healthy people, anyone can join this workshop.

Quels sont nos ateliers ?

L'atelier des 12 est un atelier composé de maximum 12 participants. Le studio me fournit tout l'équipement nécessaire dont j'ai besoin (tapis, balle, brique, rouleau, cercle, les balles de sable...). Cet atelier me permet de me familiariser avec les différentes méthodes.

L'atelier des 6/12 est un atelier composé de maximum 8 participants. C'est l'étape qui suit les ateliers précédents . Il me permet de progresser à mon rythme et d'envisager de travailler sur les équipements.

L'atelier des 6 est un atelier composé de 6 participants. C'est la quête du Graal. J'ai compris et assimilé le fonctionnement musculaire de mon corps et je peux suivre les cours sur tous les équipements.

Les ateliers privés ou en duo : vous avez besoin de quelque chose de bien précis et court dans le temps.

Quand puis-je m'inscrire ?

Je peux m’inscrire à tout moment de l’année. L’ambiance est détendue, je progresse à mon rythme et je vois des résultats.

Comment se déroule un atelier des 12 :

L'atelier des 12 commence toujours par un échauffement, dans lequel on explique ou on rappelle les principes de base de chaque méthode enseignée.
Lors des 10 premières séances, le travail sera accès sur le renforcement de mes muscles stabilisateurs de la colonne, de mes abdominaux, et de mes muscles fessiers, je travaillerai aussi ma souplesse.
Au bout de 20 séances, j'aurai l’impression de me tenir plus droit, d’avoir moins mal au dos et surtout d’être capable de faire des exercices qui demandent plus de concentration et de coordination.
Après 30 séances ma silhouette se sera affinée et musclée. Dans chaque atelier, je travaille le renforcement musculaire, l’amélioration de la souplesse et le rétablissement des courbures naturelles de ma colonne et ma relaxation. Il s’agit d’un enchainement d’exercices doux et précis, efficaces et motivants, au sol avec les élastiques, les petits et grands ballons, les petites et grandes assiettes, les disques, les cercles, les rouleaux et les balles de sables.

Comment se déroule un atelier des 6 :

L'atelier des 6 commence toujours par un échauffement, dans lequel on explique ou rappelle les principes de base de chaque méthode enseignée.
Dans chaque atelier je travaillerai toutes les chaines musculaires afin de les renforcer, de les tonifier et de les stabiliser, et cela avec tous les équipements mis à ma disposition sous l'encadrement d'un professeur. Il s’agit d’un enchainement d’exercices avec le Reformer, le Cadillac, la Chaise et le Tower Trainer de STOTT PILATES; et le Pulley Tower, le Jumping stretching board, le Gyrotoner, le Leg extension unit et l'Archway, sans oublié la vedette du studio Evolis. Les résultats en quelques séances sont spectaculaires autant pour les femmes que pour les hommes en termes de confort musculaire, de posture, de silhouette, d’apaisement et d’endurance.

Comment se déroule un atelier des 6/12 :

L'atelier des 6/12 est composé de la moitié des Deux ateliers précédents

Mon atelier d'essai avant mon adhésion :

Lors de mon atelier d'essai, je serai présentée aux autres et je serai très bien encadrée. Le professeur m'expliquera chacun des exercices dans les moindres détails. C'est à dire : l'objectif de l'exercice, la respiration appropriée et chacune des séquences. Si je ne comprends pas tout, je m'accroche, car ce cours me plait et je fais confiance à mon professeur qui connait son métier. Et sait exactement ce qu'il faut corriger au bon moment.

Tous les cours sont sur réservation. Toute annulation doit se faire 24h à l'avance sinon la séance est due.
Nous vous recommandons de consulter votre médecin avant d'entreprendre un nouveau programme d'entrainement.

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