The founder

Caroline Berger is studying the analysis of movement since 1999.
Yvonne Paire has firstly trained her in kinesiology, anatomy and functional analysis of the dancing movement. During a long stay in Sydney, in Australia, she has been introduced to the STOTT PILATES® method. Back in Europe, she will be trained to the STOTT PILATES® method in Geneva, Canada and Winnipeg, where she will finish her training next to Monique Lavoie. She opens her Studio Biopilates® Paris and decides to offer the opportunity for professionals to get certified in the STOTT PILATES® method by becoming the first training STOTT PILATES® organization in Paris, France. Whenever the opportunity arises, she deepens her knowledge in Barcelona, Hamburg, Essen, Helsinki, London, Toronto and Torino. For Caroline Berger, between the everyday life, the body, the dance and the well-being, there is only one word: prevention. Artistic director of the De Fémynie Ballets, certified in the GYROTONIC®, GYROKINESIS® and Evolis® of Jean Frelat methods, she always tries to find the best answers to relieve and reinforce her dancers by refining their knowledge of postural reprogramming. Among her creations that take place every five years, she is constantly seeking the best solutions to facilitate the work of the dancer and the high performance athlete in their everyday training. Facinated by Karate since her childhood and by Kendo, she creates her own stretching method to relieve the muscular pains of the dancers: ITAKIMO®, which the Japanese translation, means the « pleasant stretching pain ». Very sensitive to the issue of environment and well being, she has very early integrated in her training sessions the Bol d’Air Jacquier® of Holiste® research laboratories. Marked by a personal inheritance in philanthropy for generations and very involved personally, she founds the Endowment Found De Fémynie and Dignity for the defence of the right to education for all, creates the Cart School Operation and travels in the world with her itinerant Festival of 7th Art Bis.


Anna Hekimian

Anna follows classical dance classes at Stanlowa School and Chaptal Academy. She also trained in modern dance at the Rick Odums International Jazz Dance Center, then with Dominique Lesdema and danced in contemporary and modern companies. She has been working alongside Pilates for several years with Mauricia Masset and is Stott Pilates certified at the Biopilates studio in Paris. She obtained her Mat certification in 2012 from Monique Lavoie and reformed in 2018 with Caroline Berger de Fémynie. Anna has been teaching dance and Pilates since 2009. The important thing in her teaching is that everyone can make the most of their opportunities by respecting themselves. She is also developing Pilates classes for children.