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“In 10 sessions, you feel better, 20 sessions you look better, 30 sessions you have a completely new body.”
Joseph Hubertus Pilates (1880-1967)

Annual studio menbership 45€


Group class

• 12 class • 6/12 class
• Express class • Biopilates Ballet Barre class*
• Ballet Biopilates class* • Belly Danse (Oriental modern dance)*
• Yoga Zenga Ki*

trial class / one : 20€
one (without studio fee) : 25€
10 classes : 175€

* As a monthly workshop, check the dates on the online schedule.

Annual subscription

Annual membership: 45 €
Annual subscription : 399€
Starts September the first, this subscription includes:
• 26 of the 12 class
• 1 Chair Pilates class
• 1 Reformer Pilates class
• 1 Cadillac Pilates class
• 1 Pulley Tower Gyrotonic class

1 fixed schedule in the week *

* this schedule can not be changed or postponed. Any annual subscription is due and can not be refunded. All subscriptions are individual and nominative, and can be transferred to a third party.

6 machines class 🏆

trial class / one : 40€
one (without studio fee) : 45€
10 classes : 350€

Sunday workshop

One : 29€

Private class

One : 49€

Professional dancers*

First private class : 49€
10 class : 175€

* To qualify for the Professional Dancer price, you must provide documents, asssedic certification, contract, pay slip, proving that you are a professional dancer.

❤️ Refer a friend

Refer a friend and get free classes

• If your friend signs up you'll get a free group class
• If two of your friends signs up you'll get a free 6 machines class
• If three of your friends signs up you'll get a free private class
• If 20 of your friends signs up you'll get a free annual group class or courses for an amount of 399 €

*valid offer on all classes except the private session and the workshops


To book, you need a valid credit card.
All courses must be paid online.


Its accepted VISA and MasterCard.
Prepayment of workshops are not refundable but transferable.


You have twenty four hours before your class to change the schedule or cancel the workshop.