Pilates classes for young dancers

From head to feet Workshop offers to explain to young people the body and muscles, doing different movements. A playful and artistic way to learn the name and function of muscles.

If we need 20 muscles to smile and 40 muscles to growl, which of the two is less tiring and more fun? The body is a machine made up of 206 bones and 618 muscles. With the eyes, I look at; with hands, I catch; with the mouth, I taste; with the nose, I breathe and with ears, I listen. And now, imagine how many muscles you need to bend and extend your elbow, to swim, catch a ball, to carry your bag, or lift a finger to answer first. And who control our muscles during the movement ? Our laptop : Mister brain. The basic movements such as flexion, extension, rotation will be made during the workshop by each participant and described in terms of the involved muscles. The objective is to educate student and explain , his movement, his articulation in space in three dimensions and create its own suite of movements while listening to his body

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